So I’m starting a new diet… and a new blog?

Its been about a week since I met with a dietitian and decided that I will finally give the low FODMAP diet a go. As you may or may not know, I’ve struggled with IBS (i.e. we don’t know what the F is wrong with your digestive system) for about as long as I can remember. And the thing is that I really really really LOVE food, ALL food, so I always figured that putting up with all the pain and stress was worth it, as long as I could eat ALL THE TACOS. In fact I’ve been in several very embarrassing situations that probably would have been a breaking point for many people, but I stubbornly kept insisting that its “not so bad”. But at the prospect of some day soon maybe having to be responsible for a classroom full of students and not being able to run to the toilet whenever I need has finally forced me to admit that something has got to change. And soooo [reluctantly]… low FODMAP it is.

Now I am not a dietitian or medical professional of any kind, so I will keep it simple and say that FODMAPs are basically foods containing certain kinds of sugars that are poorly absorbed in the gut of people with IBS, therefore ferment longer and can upset the water balance in your intestines. What you are left with on a low FODMAP diet is a seemingly-random long ass list of things you cannot eat, but which you can slowly attempt to reintroduce one by one after finishing the *elimination phase*. I expect pretty much anyone taking the time to read this blog already knows all of this and is going through something similar themselves, so I will leave it at that.


In the past week since making the decision to start this diet its basically been on my mind non-stop. My love of food and cooking runs deep, so of course I’ve already started re-working all my meals and recipes in my head (despite the fact that I won’t start the diet for several weeks). Blogging is also something I’ve dabbled in and didn’t hate in the past (although my old blog was pretty private and  anonymous, unlike this one which is just about my bowel movements 😉 ). In the end I decided I might as well just give this blog a go. There are already a lot of great resources out there from much more experienced Low-FODMAPpers than I, with better cameras than mine, but I figured with my own personal background I could add a new perspective and maybe inspire some of you out there with some new recipes. After all, I haven’t come across any blogs by someone that learned to cook mostly Peruvian food from their German mother, grew up in California eating ALL THE TACOS, and now lives in Sweden–which has a very unique cuisine of its own. I envision a mix of recipes/experimentation and me venting about the different steps of the process. I guess the blog will be pretty personal to my own needs, and as I reintroduce different foods into my life they will inevitably also pop up in my recipes, but I hope it will be of use and inspiration to some! Or at the very least you guys won’t have to listen to me talk about my problems at parties anymore, because I will have another outlet.

But first I’m headed home to California for 3 weeks on what has now become an “I don’t care how shitty it makes me feel”-Goodbye-tour of all my favorite foods (read: ALL THE TACOS) before the Low FODMAPping begins!


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