Maple Pecan “knäck” (Swedish Christmas Toffee)

Christmas time in Sweden means a batch of homemade knäck or hard toffee. It is traditionally made with normal light syrup and almonds, but the use of maple syrup and pecans in this recipe makes it extra FODMAP-friendly (and delicious!). Please note: This is NOT a project to undertake with small children, as the boiling syrup gets … Continue reading Maple Pecan “knäck” (Swedish Christmas Toffee)


3 courses in Vietnam

A couple of times a year my Swedish girlfriends and I take turns making themed 3 course dinners for one another. I thought we'd have to cancel this winter when I learned I'd be starting the FODMAP diet... we are already not the easiest group to cook for, with one vegetarian, one who doesn't eat … Continue reading 3 courses in Vietnam