Maple Pecan “knäck” (Swedish Christmas Toffee)

Christmas time in Sweden means a batch of homemade knäck or hard toffee. It is traditionally made with normal light syrup and almonds, but the use of maple syrup and pecans in this recipe makes it extra FODMAP-friendly (and delicious!). Please note: This is NOT a project to undertake with small children, as the boiling syrup gets … Continue reading Maple Pecan “knäck” (Swedish Christmas Toffee)


Tropical rice pudding

This recipe is a twist on the traditional german rice pudding, milchreis. Not only does the use of coconut milk make this recipe dairy- and lactose-free, it adds a lovely flavor. Serve it together with a serving of safe tropical fruits like pineapple, passion fruit, kiwi or guava for a real treat! Tropical rice pudding (8 … Continue reading Tropical rice pudding

Pumpkin bread

Ended up using the last of my pumpkin puree on this awesome pumpkin bread with maple glaze... what an amazing color! All I did was take this super easy recipe and substitute the flour for gluten free flour... and add a few more spices (cinnamon, cardamum, cloves). Time to roast more pumpkins!